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YoutH group

Youth group is for youth in grades 6-12. Our year starts in September with a beach retreat. Youth entering 6th grade are invited to begin youth group on this weekend.

We are a radically inclusive group who welcomes all into our fellowship.

Youth group mission statement:


  • We will frolic in the awesomeness of God’s creation and grow in our faith. 

  • We will strive to live life up to the potential provided by creation. 

  • We will spread God’s love in our group, our church, our community, and our world.

Youth group meets

​2nd Tuesday of each month will be a middle school gathering for support/activity

4th Tuesday of each month will be a high school gathering for support/activity

3rd Wednesday of each month will be a justice-oriented Bible study

Currently, the youth group is meeting in small groups and adhering to social distancing guidelines. Email                                                                                      for more details.

We seek to engage youth in these areas.

  • Service: Every other month, we have a service project at the Thurston County Foodbank. Each summer we take a week-long mission trip to perform service and explore God's world. Other opportunities are offered throughout the year and include the Crop Walk, service to the congregation, and the Olympia community.

  • Worship: Youth are encouraged to be active in worship and given opportunities to serve as lay leaders, musicians and readers

  • Act: Youth spend time putting their faith into action. Becoming the hands and feet of God in today's world. We strive to use our gifts and talents to spread God's love to all of creation. 

  • Grow: We are striving to grow in our understanding of God, Jesus, and what it means to be a disciple of Christ in the modern world. We are seeking to realize the potential inherent in us as creation's of God through developing spiritual disciplines in the areas of Bible study, prayer, stewardship, hospitality, and service.

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