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History & Purpose

The Westminster Library traces its’ history back to a corner room of the 1940’s brick building on Fourth Ave. That history is represented by the oak library table and three carved chairs that reside in the library room. While public libraries have many wonderful books in their catalogs, their religious selections might be limited - and our church library tries to fill that gap.

Our Catalog

Reference, classic, and contemporary adult books are displayed to help the church community explore theological ideas and grow in faith.


The children’s section is growing with new books by wonderful authors. In addition, Christian Century, Sojourners, Plough, and Presbyterian Today magazines are available.


Location & Procedures

Our church librarian, Suzanne Fell showcases featured selections each month, according to the liturgical and seasonal calendar. The library is open to all, and there is a book sign-out procedure on-site.

An outreach of the library may be found downstairs en route to the Godly Play Room – where children’s books may be read in the comfort of a newly established reading nook.

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