The story of Westminster Presbyterian Church may be traced back to 1893 when the United Presbyterian Church of North America sent the Reverend James Welch to establish a church in Olympia. He succeeded in his mission. On December 2, 1893, the First United Presbyterian Church of Olympia was organized at a meeting held in a rented room, No. 508 - 4th Street of Hale Block.  Seventeen people formed the congregation.

Construction began in 1895 on a permanent church building with the Reverend William Hays as pastor. The new wooden structure was dedicated on January 5, 1896.  It was located on the southwest corner of Jefferson and Fourth Streets.

Membership in the church fluctuated during the next thirty years, but the congregation remained dedicated to the goal of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. By the middle of the 1920s, the First United Presbyterian Church of Olympia needed a new home. The old church building was sold. Under the leadership of the Reverend William Spalding, a new United Presbyterian Church was constructed on the northwest corner of Lybarger Street and Fourth Avenue. This “little brick church on the eastside” was dedicated on October 5, 1930. 

Through the 1930s and early 1940s the congregation of the church was small in size, but strong in faith.  When the Reverend Gordon Jackson became pastor of the United Presbyterian Church in 1943, he was given the power to either close down the tiny Olympian church or to keep it open and expand the congregation. Full of enthusiasm, the Reverend Jackson decided to build up the congregation. 

The First United Presbyterian Church of Olympia during the ministry of the Reverend Jackson (1943-1949) ceased to be a mission church financially supported by the denomination. Its name was also changed to Westminster United Presbyterian Church. Under the Reverend Franklin Harper (1949-1951) much work was accomplished in organizing and consolidating earlier gains. The Reverend Malcolm Alexander’s ministry (1952-1957) saw increased attendance.

In 1958 the Reverend Charles Loyer was installed as pastor of Westminster United Presbyterian Church. The Reverend Loyer skillfully led the church for the next twenty-three years. He was ably assisted from 1971 to 1981 by the Reverend Jack Finney, who served as first Assistant Pastor, then Associate Pastor. The Reverend Ray Woods acted as the Interim Pastor during the transition period of 1982-1983. In the early 1980s the Olympia church was renamed Westminster Presbyterian Church.

The position of Senior Pastor was capably filled by the Reverend Dr. Dwight Whipple from 1983 to 2001. During these years he was efficiently aided by two Assistant/Associate Pastors: the Reverend Tim Dolan (1981-1990) and the Reverend Tammy Leiter Stampfli (1992-2001). Beginning in 1985 Westminster Presbyterian Church embarked upon the major task of moving to another site in Olympia. The old church was sold to the Salvation Army and a new building constructed at Boulevard and 18th Street. On October 25, 1990, the new church building was joyfully dedicated.

The Reverend Jim Jensen (Interim Pastor) and the Reverend Melody Young (Interim Associate Pastor) served as church leaders during the transition of 2001-2003. On October 12, 2003, the Reverend Dr. David Kegley was installed as Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church. He was joined on the church staff by Cheryl Kinnamon on November 2nd of the same year.  She was commissioned to be the Children, Youth & Family Director. Then on July 24, 2005, the Reverend Christine T. Long was installed as Associate Pastor.